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Welcome to Information London's Community Services Directory!

The directory brings you up-to-date information about essential social services for London and Middlesex, Ontario. Information London has been a trusted community resource for more than 40 years.

Affordable housing, social assistance, employment, newcomer issues, social isolation, and children's welfare are just of a few of the topics covered that address quality of life and basic needs issues. You'll also find out about upcoming events and links to downloadable and printable publications that will help you find the services you need.

The directory is easy to use. Simply browse the list of topics to find appropriate services, or enter a word or phrase in the search box. You are always seamlessly linked to SouthWesthealthline.ca directory of health services, news, and events.

Information London is a project of thehealthline.ca Information Network. All SouthWesthealthline.ca policies apply.