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Help Yourself Through Hard Times

About Help Yourself Through Hard Times

Help Yourself Through Hard Times is a guide to basic needs services for London and Middlesex County. It lists services that provide assistance to individuals and families on limited incomes during times of financial hardship. The booklet is updated once a year, and is available for download, or in print form from the City of London or at many social service locations in London.

Download the booklet:

PDF  Standard single-page layout  (PDF)
PDF  Standard 2-page spread layout  (PDF)
PDF  Booklet layout * (PDF)

* Booklet layout lets you print Help Yourself Through Hard Times as a booklet. Print the odd pages first, then re-feed the paper and print the even pages on the back. Fold the pages in half and staple.

Please note: Inclusion of a service does not imply endorsement by Information London, nor does exclusion indicate a lack of endorsement.

Find Basic Needs' Services on Social Media

Are you interested in learning more about local basic needs' services and their programs and/or events?

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